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a song for DAP

performed by Elton Johnny the homicidal drummer

its awful don’t listen to it without aspirin ready

Treat your ears right. Listen to this track.

Kickstarter - The Gathering Comic Book Anthology

I just pledged to a great kickstarter, You can too for the next 10 days!!!

I have 2 stories in the new b-one!!!!!!!!
b-one: Comics for broken hearts #5- In this anthology series by artist/writer Bobgar Ornelas brings you another dose of “Stonebrook Tales”

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Just in time for the movie “mjolnir smash face” by Anti-hero

Your unofficial theme to Thor:the movie

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we did a Commentary track for our webcomic- Apocalypse…Meh

check it out!

or go to the osmosis online site

Jon W- by Bobgar Ornelas

Jon W- by Bobgar Ornelas